Brand ...a word, mark or symbol: Recognize
  ...that shows ownership: Brand Identity impress: Distinctive
Stir bring into notice: Raise Awareness rouse or call forth (as a memory): Evoke mix: Blend / Combine

Mobile Marketing like you have never seen it.

How can it be maximized to its full potential throughout the marketing landscape?

Is there a more unique "bridge" between traditional print-based messaging and the interactive world of mobile-based marketing?

The team at BrandStir has the expertise, the technology and a unique strategic vision to help you bridge the gap between traditional print-based messaging and the interactive world of mobile marketing. Utilizing innovative mobile technologies such as digital watermarking, we can invisibly connect almost any printed material to an interactive experience on a consumer's smartphone. Your brand is now in the customer's hand at the moment when your message is most influential.

Whether it's a package or label, a magazine ad or a printed brochure, BrandStir can help your marketing become an instant, multi-media experience designed to:

  • Enhance the brand message and highlight key product attributes
  • Build expanded opportunities for cross promotion and product offerings
  • Provide important product information in multiple languages
  • Facilitate customer feedback, brand interaction and brand loyalty programs

BrandStir can utilize digital watermarking as well as other interactive mobile technologies such as QR codes, SMS texting, mobile web and mobile app development to enhance your brand message.

We are your mobile marketing business partner...let us demonstrate how a unique blend of mobile marketing strategies, invisible digital watermarking solutions, and a range of web-based business tools can "stir up" your brand!